hail damage

Everything You Need To Know About Hail Damage And Repair.

Hail Damage

It’s true that hail can cause expensive damage to your roof structure. A lot of the time the harm is specific to hail damage to shingles and it can be fixed retaining the total hail damage fixing cost to the barest minimum. Any local contractor can be able to fix your hail damage problems. Definitely, you’ll find many contradictory opinions on the internet from contractors that will tell you to immediately replace your roof, usually at a higher hail damage renovation fee. They will tell you all this but it’s just for their own gain which is a lot and not for your own interest. If your roof is damaged, the contractor will let you in on the number of sheets that will be required to fix the problem.

Here Are A Few Things You Never Knew About Hail Damage.

  • What Hail Damage Looks Like?

Hails are not really the same in size, they fall as minute as the size of tiny pebbles, or as big as a baseball. It is the larger hail you have to worry about because they can cause significant damage to your roof. Is it worthy of note that severe hail storm can cause damage skylights and window, they are also responsible for rain gutter damage.

  • How hail damages your roof?

A hail storm can do a lot of damage like accelerates granule loss and quicken shingle ageing. Severe hail storm can damage your wooden roof shingles and this may cause it to tear. On shingles, hail can cause granule loss. In this case, the whole roof, or a fraction of the roof, may be required to be changed. Major damage doesn’t happen with small-sized hail storms. This means that for maximum damage to occur, the hailstone must be as big as a baseball or even bigger.

  • Is there any need to have your roof professionally inspected?

Although. Some hail damage to roofs may not be noticeable, it is important to check them out once in a while. This will involve you feeling your shingles for any dents. Another way to check for damage is by breaking the bonds of the asphalt and feeling the back for dents. But if you want to be through and access them properly, you can seek the help of an expert contractor that specialises in hail damage repairs.

  • Will insurance cover your repair costs caused by hail damage?

The main reason for a homeowner insurance policy is to cover you against damages that may arise from unforeseen contingencies that are beyond your control. For example, if you have ever had hail storm damage in which your asset’s life span is reduced from 20 years to a misery 5 years, then your insurance will cover for the loss.

Every year, millions of dollars are lost as a result of hail storm damage and repair. You should immediately repair your roof if there is slight damage caused by a hail stone. The reason for this not only to reduce cost but also to comply with some insurance agency policy. Some agency has a “statute of limitations” this means that there are a limited number of times in which you can have hail-related claims.  

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