Roof Maintenance

The Basis Of Roofing Maintenance

To some homeowners, the roof is one of their greatest assets. So they try to allocate a huge portion of their building budget to roofing. By doing so, it is now the job of the contractor to help secure the homeowner’s investment by giving him a good construction package. This package includes inspection and maintenance to make sure the homeowner’s investment is well protected.

Now we are going to give you a list that will assist you during your regular maintenance exercise.


You may not know but over the lifetime of a roof, it is exposed to a lot of threat more than other places in the house. Some of these dangers the roof is exposed to includes:

  • Elements such as rain in the form of storm, sunlight(UV rays), wind like the tornado, snow storm and hail storm.
  • Natural bioagents like algae and smaller plants
  • Poor construction
  • Lack of inspection and maintenance

There are quite a few others among the ones stated above.


Although there is no apparent sign that a roof has passed its prime, every house owner should ensure that they hire the services of a professional for a regular inspection. There are many things that could go wrong when the roof of your home is bad. So taking care of your roof is important in the quest to protecting your home- your greatest investment.

Steps to Regular Roof Maintenance

A contractor can help a house owner maintain his shingled roof. This is done by completing these steps once or twice a year or after every major storm and other natural disasters. As a house owner, it is very important to contact good licensed roof experts to help conduct maintenance and inspection.

  • Housekeeping

One of the best way to help your roof is regular cleaning and clearing the roof and other systems like the rain gutter. House owners should regularly clear debris like leaves, wood branches and other items that may block the roof’s drainage. Use the leaf blower to blow debris down the roof and not upwards underneath the shingles. Once in a while, you should try cutting away vegetation that hangs around the roof or hires a contractor to help you with that.

  • Roof Assessment

When the roof is cleared and tidied, your contractor should check the shingles if there are any discrepancies or red-flag a potential problem later on. This inspection should be done twice a year especially spring and fall.

  • Repair

Of course, after inspection comes to repair. An expert roofer should repair the shingle immediately after inspection. Fixing them early may prevent much larger damage later on in the future. The trained expert may repair or replace broken or missing shingles that have been blown away.

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